A Personal Message from Geoff Stuart – the founder and creator of Guests4dinner.com


“When I was in my twenties I travelled the world seeking to learn as much as I could about the world, hitch-hiking in Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Morocco, UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Brazil, but also catching buses, trains and taking flights to see many other countries.  It was a great experience.


As much as seeing Museums and other memorable sights, I also met lots of people – both fellow travellers and also real people who lived in the places I visited.


I ate with new friends and families in France, Morocco, Canada, USA, Peru, Malaysia, Thailand and Brazil – and it was these ‘Home Cooked’ meals that became equally memorable to seeing the Pyramids in Egypt, the Tower of London and other important cities or locations.


Around 80% of all meals are eaten in homes by families and friends – and there are some amazing Home Cooks.


There are of course great Restaurants in the world, and fast food but nothing can beat an authentic Home Cooked Dinner or Lunch, served by a Home Cook who is passionate about their food, culture and cooking.


Guests4dinner is all about connecting great Home Cooks with invited Guests for dinner in their home – not just for travellers, but also for people who may well live near you.


It is about building a community, connecting people with a love of food, good conversation and company.


I sincerely hope that in becoming a Guests4dinner Home Cook Host, Guest or Guests – that you will experience a great and memorable lunch or dinner and become a part of the growing Guests4dinner community”


Happy dining!

Geoff Stuart

Sydney, Australia