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What’s the difference between going to a restaurant and using Guests4dinner.com? There are many great restaurants, but they usually service big numbers of people and run the restaurant as a business. Eating with a ‘Home Cook’ Host or host family is a more personal experience as you are eating in a home environment sitting at a dinner table with your hosts. It also offers a far greater variety of food styles and a real cultural exchange and experience.

Who Registers as Guests?  Guests might be a single guest, a couple or group of friends… be a local resident, new to a city, tourists, in port on a Cruise or on a Business trip. It doesn’t matter. There are Home Cooks here in the city who would like to meet you and share their passion for food and conversation. Simply REGISTER, search on a city, Check Home Cook listings, Book, Receive confirmation of booking, Pay and make arrangements for dinner.

Can I register as BOTH a Home Cook and also as a guest or guest group? The answer is YES.

Why sit or travel alone?  It’s all about community and friendship. The best way to meet people and have company is to have dinner together –be that in your own city or cities that you are visiting or move to.

How much notice do I need to give to a Home Cook? Ideally 2 to 3 days, but message your chosen Host Cook.

How many Guests would there be at one time?  The limit is about 6, but more usually it will be between 1 and 4 guests. Check with your home cook host.

What if I am ‘Kosher’, need food to be ‘halal’, vegetarian, vegan, have allergies, a disability or don’t like spicy food?  Always carefully check the Host Cook listings and use the smart messaging system to ask a question of your host. Always tell the host if you have special requirements, so the host can either take your booking or regretfully decline it. Guests4dinner has a Non-Discrimination Policy – but not all home cook hosts or homes are set up for people with special dietary, mobility or other needs.

What about Children or Babies? Again check with your home cook host. Many home hosts may also have children, babies or other family members at your dinner too. This is their home. Always check with your host cook.

What about Transport? Check the location to make sure it is easy to find and close to you. Many cities are big, so check how much time is needed to get to your Host Cook’s location. If you need transport, check with your host prior to booking as to the best way to meet them.

What about Smoking?  See host listing.

Do I bring my own drinks? Your home cook host will provide non-alcoholic drinks for you with your meal. If you want wine, beer or spirits – it is BYO (Bring your own), BUT check with your host to see that they are happy for you to do this.

Should I bring flowers or a small gift?  That’s up to you. There is no absolute rule. You are being invited as a guest to a Home Cook’s home.

Can I cancel a booking?  Yes, but only if you give 24 hours of notice, ideally longer. Your courtesy will always be appreciated.

Should I tip?   No tipping. You are being invited to a home for dinner, not to a restaurant.

Always rate your experience with real comments.

What if I don’t like the dinner, can I get a refund? If this happens, contact Guests4dinner with your complaint or issue. You may or may not get a refund depending on circumstances. When rating your experience, be honest but don’t exaggerate.

If I love the ‘home cooked dishes’ can I get the recipe?  This will be up to your host. Most ‘Home Cooks’ want to share their passion for cooking, but not necessarily their secret ingredients or recipes.

What if I am looking for a special cuisine or recipe? Once registered, you can always post a request on the FORUM wish list – looking for a particular ethnic food or recipe.

Why do I need to register with Guests4dinner? For safety and security ALL Guests and Home Cooks need to Register and pass the Security Identity checklist. As a Guest you are being invited into a person’s private home – and yours and their safety, privacy and security needs to be protected.

What is the main objective? This is simply to enjoy great food, friendship and company in an authentic home environment.

What if the host doesn’t speak good English?  This is all part of the Guests4dinner experience. You are gaining an insight into another culture, food and home environment.





What are the ‘keys’ to success?  Be truthful, honest, be friendly and serve interesting and tasty food. Remember that your guests will rate the experience so the higher your rating score the more likely new guests are likely to book.

EARN EXTRA MONEY AT HOME – If you love cooking, register as a ‘Home Cook’ for FREE and invite Registered paying Guests to have dinner in your home.

As a ‘Home Cook’ – how many bookings can I take each week?  That’s up to you and depends on your circumstances. Remember you are not opening a restaurant - you are simply inviting guests to your home for dinner or lunch. Be conscious of noise, parking and neighbours.

How do I work out what to charge? The price listed should be a Fixed Price per Guest. You need to make a profit from cooking but also competitively price your meal relative to your costs and a restaurant price, remembering that Guests4dinner add a 10% service charge, which is included within the price that Guests pay.

Your price per guest should include non-alcoholic drinks – juices, water, coffee, tea, non-alcoholic cocktail – as per your listing.

For Security all payments must use the Guests4dinner booking platform, with all payments by guests being made once the booking is confirmed by you, the Home Cook.

What about alcoholic drinks, beer, wine?  Guests are invited to BYO – (Bring their own) based on your Agreement to this. In many legal jurisdictions, you need a Liquor Licence to sell alcohol, hence the reason for you not selling alcohol with your meals.

How good a cook do I need to be?  Guests are looking for an authentic home cooked meal and to enjoy conversation around the dinner table. They are not looking for a restaurant ‘chef’ experience.

My home, bathroom and kitchen are they up to standard?  By taking photos of your food, kitchen or dinner table and placing this on your listing page – guests can decide if they like or don’t like what they see. Don’t fudge these photos – be real. They will also rate the experience and make a posting too. Your aim should be to achieve a consistent high star rating.

I have pets – a cat and a dog. Is this OK?  Yes, in most cases but let your guests know on your Listing page too that you have these pets.

What sort of people register as ‘Home Cooks’? – Usually it will be people who have a passion for food and cooking. You might have a full time job, be a lawyer or a teacher, a stay at home mum or dad, an empty nester, student, unemployed, saving for a holiday, retired, enjoy company, a retired chef or just want to do something different. There doesn’t have to be a reason. There is no age restriction. You just need to have a passion for cooking, cook interesting and tasty food and like to meet people over dinner in your home.

What if I have a family?  No problem, they should join your guests for dinner too. Just let your guests know that they will be guests with your family - wife, husband, friend, children, baby - Your guests are looking for an authentic home cooking experience and to share time and conversation with you.

What if I don’t like the guests? Hopefully this will never happen, but people are people and it could. Just remember it is your home and guests need to respect that. You have the right to ask them to leave. Also to Rate the experience too.

Is Guests4dinner a dating site? No, but that’s not to say you won’t meet a special Guest who comes to dinner if that is what you are looking for, or make a new friend or friends too. Many friendships start sitting around a dinner table.

I need some help in choosing what to cook. Can you help me?  Yes, just email advice@guests4dinner.com  with any questions you may have OR Post a message on the FORUM – wish list.

Are my earnings taxable?  Guests4dinner will make a payment to your Account within 24 to 36 hours of your guests dining with you.  This payment becomes part of your income and it will depend on your personal circumstances and local laws as to what you need to declare. Always keep account of your expenses – as these in most cases will be deductible expenses against the income received. Guests4dinner does not provide financial advice and it is best to talk with your Accountant or Financial Advisor.